Custom Jewelry Design

We pride ourselves on being able to create the jewelry that you want. Here are a just a few example of how we start with your idea and create a stunning piece of jewelry. Visit our Gallery section to see examples from our portfolio of work in diamonds and bridal jewelry, colored stones, and fun & casual jewelry. Contact us to start your custom jewelry creation.

After discussing your design, we create a detailed sketch. Then, to show you exactly how the design will look, we create a CAD (Computer Aided Design) rendering. Once you have approved the design, a wax replica of the jewelry is produced. The next step is to have the wax cast, and finally the stones are set.

For the following project, the customer had a ring which was damaged beyond repair. Otten, Vallot & Co. made a beautiful new replacement ring.

In this example, the customer was undecided about how she wished the diamonds to be set on the side of the ring. We were able to show her, via CAD renderings and wax models, both options. She could then see exactly how the designs compared, and make her choice.

Below you can see how CAD renderings provide detailed, 3-dimensional views of the design.